Why watching sports is (mostly) pointless

In today’s world, the majority of people are consumed by quite trivial and pointless things. One such trivial and pointless thing is regularly watching sports, whether it be on TV or in real life. Some of you might feel offended by this statement, which is good, as it should be a wake-up call for how you are currently living your life. If much of your spare-time is occupied by sports and your favorite team(s), you are giving away valuable time that could be used to improve your life instead.

Either by cultivating other interests, hobbies and activities that enrich your life, and/or by becoming more physically active and practicing a sport yourself. By just idling in front of the TV (or on the bleachers), you are watching other men chasing excellence, while your own is stagnating at best. Thus, I will give you some advice on how to slowly break this bad habit and replace it with better ones. FYI, this is coming from an athlete and former sports-junkie who used to watch it quite a bit back in the day.

About Alexander
Alexander is a Swedish former analytical chemist and athlete who resigned from his former five year employment at a LifeScience enterprise in order to begin various projects within personal development and coaching. Vinnarskolan (Winner-Academy) was one of them and still is the project for which he has dedicated most of his time and energy.
After several years of running at a high level (collegiate and club-level), he still runs and exercises a lot where the main focus is at the Marathon. A distance he has completed four times so far with many more future races to go.

About Vinnarskolan (Winner-Academy)
Vinnarskolan was founded with the purpose of giving people the tools needed in order to become their best versions, something that has become challenging in the world of plenty we live in. Challening in the regard that we are constantly surrounded by distractions and tempting short-term rewards. To become successful in life, you need to conquer them and replace them with good habits and a healthy mindset. This is not done overnight but will have to be done gradually over time.

Although, it is not impossible and Vinnarskolan will provide you with the tools needed for doing so. The tools and techniques provided are simlple, straight-forward and will work if applied correctly. It all boils down to daily vicotries over yourself and your current beliefs, something that requires grit, perseverance and patience. Having been a competitive runner for almost 18 years, I know what it takes to become good at something.
Thus, Vinnarskolan is there to provide people with some great tools for self-improvement so they can shape themselves to become better, more content people. If we want a better, more vibrant society than we have today, it starts with the people/individuals within it and all changes start with yourself. Become the change you want to see!

For now, the webpage is only available in Swedish but I might create an English-version in the future as well if there is any interest. Until then, you will only find my English-speaking material in some of my YT-videos. Still they are absolutely free of charge!
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Best Alexander Söderberg

/Chairman – Vinnarskolan

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