Becoming your best version has never been easier!

In this first winner-film in English, Alexander explains shortly why it has never been easier to excel in life than nowadays, despite what many people think. It doesn’t mean you have to become a billionaire but rather start doing the small, simple things (on a daily basis) that most people don’t even bother doing nowadays. The standards are so low that you don’t need any special gifts or talents in order to excel.

To get ahead of the majority and belong to the top 15-20% of people out there, all you must do is eight simple things that Alexander goes through in this short film.
It’s nothing extraordinary, but rather just taking good care of yourself, get things done, keep promises and watch your language. It might sound simple (which it is) but still it seems so hard for most people. Big changes in life do actually come about by doing the small things daily.

Dela visdomen!

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